Wild Wonder – flora and fauna inspired art


A Flora and Fauna inspired Holiday group exhibit.

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Genna Draper at Pacific Place


Opening Reception – Sat Dec 3rd 5 to 8pm RSVP 25% of sales from this exhibit will be donated to Standing Rock. Water should not be a privilege, but a RIGHT. Shop Genna Draper here… Twilight has partnered with Sassafras 2.0 at Pacific Place in Downtown Seattle! In addition to high-quality garments made by independent local […]

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Intelligent Life – Laura Allen


The paintings of my ‘Intelligent Life’ series represent moments of genesis. The forms suggest brief flashes of something new and orderly coming into being; they are seed moments, moments in which a thought or an intelligence begins to coalesce around a grain of self-awareness.

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HEX and the Monstrous Feminine


HEX and The Monstrous Feminine examines the mystical and occult tools available in contemporary art and adornment.

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Kate Petty – Paintings

Uranus Station e16

In my work I explore themes of transition and metamorphosis.

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Anastacia Renee Tolbert – Footnotes From the Body (A Public Display of All the Private Parts)

Alice Collage

Anastacia-Renee’s work is a trellis of twilight, ultramarine ache and lowercase loam. She believes the body holds memories the mind cannot fully process.

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Stories Told, Remembered – Satpreet Kahlon


During her six-week residency at Twilight, interdisciplinary artist Satpreet Kahlon will be using the gallery as a venue for the methodical and laborious process of decolonizing her body.

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Science+/-Art examines the interplay of art (empathy, creativity, subjectivity) and science (categorization, rules, objectivity).

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To celebrate Women’s History Month, Couturier Jordan Christianson is sending love letters to the female musicians who’ve inspired him;

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Arshin Agashteh – Wild Blossom


Isn`t this my uncle`s house that is flying in the sky? No, it is a spring blossom.

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Holiday Small Works Exhibit 2015 at Twilight Gallery!


Small works under $250 at Twilight Gallery 2015!!!

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Scorpio New Moon – Trust Your Instincts


The Scorpio New Moon on November 11 gives birth to the new you. New Moons are new beginnings……

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I Wonder If This Will Kill Me

Whiplash 2

I Wonder If This Will Kill Me New work by Stasia Burrington Artist Reception – October 2nd, 2015 6 to 9pm I was in a car accident two years ago. I keep thinking back to it, only seeing it a split second before it happened. Disbelief. No fear, just surprise. I hit the breaks and closed […]

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Put the Needle on the Record


Art Walk August 13th 6 to 9pm Put the Needle on the Record explores the constant connection between visual art and music. Cover art has been a part of the music experience since the first pieces of sheet music were published. Photos and portraits of musicians catch out imagination and allow us to feel what […]

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Katrina del Mar – Feral Women


Artist Talk and Reception with the artist, July 11th, 6 to 8pm With Feral Women Katrina del Mar continues to explore the theme of wild women who break with convention, an obsession she’s had since childhood. The wildness in women, sometimes overt, sometimes subtle is, for del Mar, a manifestation of innate inestimable power and therefore a source […]

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The Spinster and the Carpenter – Rebecca Rose

Pampering Back

Early on Rebecca Rose saw similarities between Sculpture Foundry and Metalsmithing Jewelry, and in both cases transformed an idea from concept to reality out of carved wax and burnable objects. Rose plaster coats the original, kiln fires it, melts metal, and pours it into the negative space. Discovering that jewelry and sculpture could be the same, […]

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Audaces Fortuna Invat: The Work of Shannon Koszyk


“Audaces Fortuna Invat” Latin to English reads, “Fortune Favors The Bold” – a fitting motto for West Seattle-based designer Shannon Koszyk, whose work will be on display at Twilight Gallery, March 4th – April 5th Reception for the artist is Saturday, March 28th, 6 to 9pm. Koszyk’s work finds strength and beauty in the unconventional […]

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Holiday Mini Art Show 2014


Holiday Mini Art Show! December 11th – February 1st Ahh the holidays. …… ‘Tis the season for shopping insanity, specialty Starbucks mugs, and carols on unending loop. Running from sometime mid-September through the first week of January, the end of the year is a time many live in anticipation for year round. Here at Twilight […]

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Our Daily Armor: Woman as Warrior in Contemporary Art and Adornment

kemba.-opio-study1 (1)

History and mythology abounds with tales of warriors. Men who acted as servants to powerful ideals, through fierce bravery in battle, either lived to celebrate and fight again, or lost their life in the field and gained special favor for their valor and sacrifice in the after-life. Lesser known are histories and mythologies of powerful female warriors, although women have fought in battles throughout the ages, and do still….

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Siolo Thompson – The Linestrider Codex


Special opening reception event Saturday, October 11th, 6 to 9pm! This October at Twilight Gallery & Boutique, Seattle artist Siolo Thompson, will present her tarot themed collection. Each card, lovingly rendered in graphite, ink, and watercolor will be on display and available for purchase. Tarot decks created by artists are a long standing tradition dating […]

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Joseph Brooks: This Is Not Abstract

Roll Out - web rgb- Joseph Brooks

Opening Reception – September 11th 6 to 9pm Artist Statement: Line has always been important to me as an artist. A line can produce beauty and decay, express the past and move the mind forward to the future. Line is ultimately the underpinning of my work. Whether I am drawing characters or doing non-representational work, […]

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Opening Thursday Aug 14th from 6-9pm during the West Seattle Art Walk Boundaries Boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits created to identify what are reasonable, safe, or permissible ways for people to behave around each other. Sometimes we create boundaries, sometimes boundaries are created for us. This exhibit will explore how these boundaries are upheld, […]

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STELLAR: evidence of an alternate space program by Stasia Burrington

cosmonaut 007 sm

Paintings of planets and portraits of mystery explorers by Stasia Burrington

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Summer Moon: A Small Works Exhibit Presented by Ghost Gallery and Twilight!


Summer Moon: A Small Works Exhibit, features work by local and national artists, priced $200 and under.

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The premise of Project Girl Crush is simple: to seek THE AWE and express THE ART. Through in-depth interview, photo, and video, this project uncovers, embodies, and perpetuates the force that is a woman’s creative inspiration.

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Megan Lingerfelt – Never Useless


“My work speaks of unsung heroes and tragic portraits of the postmodern world. Isolating one structure at a time, removing it from its functional context, I highlight the beauty of a manufactured form whose purpose was never to be beautiful. Investigation of an object produces a greater understanding of how its pieces make a whole, a process that takes time and creates sentimentality. My affection for these bits of industrial equipment and cheap appliances is the driving force behind giving them a second life as an aesthetic object. “

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In This Place

comfort zones

Opening Thursday March 13th, 2014, 6 to 9pm Twilight Gallery is pleased to announce In This Place, a group exhibition of five contemporary artists who address the complexity of place that reveal ideas of identity, land, memory and home. Featuring: Kelda Martensen (SEA), Glenn Tramantano (SEA), Dahlia Elsayed (NJ), Lauren F. Adams (MD) and Arshin Agashteh (Iran) […]

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Fade Into You: an artist’s mixtape


Fade Into You asked artists to assign a song title to their visual expression of the exquisite arc of pain we call love. From the fleeting first-love, to an unquenchable lust, to the socialized ideal of commitment, and finally to the inevitable end of despair and heartbreak.

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Residual Tear


Residual Tear
Featuring the work of Raina Koller, Rachel Smith and Stephanie Smith

Whether in our human experiences or out in the physical world in which we live in, there are lingering scars, memories, thoughts, or imprints that are left behind.

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2013 Holiday Miniature Art Extravaganza!


Opening Reception November 14th 6 to 9pm and again on December 12th 6 to 9pm! With some of the best emerging local and national artists, this special two month Holiday exhibit features small works in drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media. Over 40 artists and jewelers represented with hundreds of pieces to give as gifts […]

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Dolls of the Psycho Pomp Cirque

Sheri Debow-dolls-01

Art walk: Thursday October 10th Gala: Saturday October 12th 6-9 pm The Psychopomp’s responsibility is to guide newly deceased souls through their final stage of life. Coming in many shapes and forms – spirits, angels, deities, creatures, wise women, shamans, or ancestors – they provide safe passage into the afterlife. In this exhibition of exquisite […]

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Iconic Women Series – Kristina Griffith


Opening Reception and artist talk: September 12th, 2013 6pm – 9pm This illustrative portrait series celebrates Iconic Women and their diversity. Women who are on the cutting edge of what exists, pushing boundaries to further expand what is possible; while encouraging other women to do the same. This series is about putting creativity in the […]

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Dolly Was Cloned From A Mammary Gland (i will always love you) – Ed Roth

I will always love you

Dolly Was Cloned From A Mammary Gland (I will always love you) Ed Roth Opening Reception – August 8th, 2013 6 to 9pm Roth’s current work explores themes of cloning, duality, cognitive thought, and alteration. Long fascinated and horrified with the story of “Dolly” the first cloned sheep, Ed Roth’s work represents this idea of […]

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Bitter, Sweet and Slightly Dirty – Stasia Burrington


My responsibility as an artist is to create work that fills an emotional need, and to inspire curiosity and reflection. I need to make visually pleasing and accessible work that also has a little edge. My intent is to create something sober, pleasing, and melancholic – and to show that sadness is necessary and in […]

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Brooke Shaden


Twilight is thrilled to present work by fine-art photographer, Brooke Shaden. Brooke’s photography focuses on creating new worlds in which to lose yourself. This exhibit will feature images created in and around water. Brooke’s underwater photography is hauntingly beautiful. It captures both the fluidity and stillness of time. “To live under water is something that […]

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Sporozoan Lore by RobRoy Chalmers


This installation showcases longtime Twilight artist RoRoy Chalmers and features paintings, drawings and sculptures plus his signature swarm boxes.

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What’s Old is New: Twilight Artists, Past and Present Group Show


This group show will feature fresh, original work from longtime Twilight artists and new, emerging artists and craft artisans who have recently joined this vibrant and creative community. With this exhibit we envisioned a salon of old and new artists and vendors coming together for an opportunity to mix, mingle and showcase current work in […]

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A Faded Valentine: Conceptual Photographer Dawndra


Dawndra studied at the Evergreen State college and currently takes classes at The Photographic Northwest, in Capital Hill. She is a professional portrait and lifestyle photographer and has worked on projects for Homeless In Seattle and is currently working on a cookbook with local business, Gretchen’s Grains. A music lover, vinyl-collector, snowboarder and motorcycle enthusiast, […]

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