Welcome to Twilight Gallery & Boutique, a Seattle, Washington art gallery and boutique. Located in West Seattle's Junction neighborhood, Twilight Gallery features a curated collection of art, jewelry and handmade gifts by emerging artists from Seattle and beyond.

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Now Showing In The Gallery

Pampering Back

The Spinster and the Carpenter – Rebecca Rose

April 9th - May 24th, 2015

Early on Rebecca Rose saw similarities between Sculpture Foundry and Metalsmithing Jewelry, and in both cases transformed an idea from concept to reality out of carved wax and burnable objects. Rose plaster coats the original, kiln fires it, melts metal, …More…

Artist of the Month

Sarah Midkiff

Sarah Midkiff

This series, “Structures of Knowledge” are diptychs connecting physical manifestations of knowledge and classification, such as phone books, writing utensils, and globes, and items which metaphorically transmit knowledge such as embodied experience, stains and wisdom teeth. This series in ongoing.